Photo: diverse group of students at an outdoor event

Building Connections and Capacity for Student Success

Too often, colleges and universities work in silos, developing student programs and services within their own institutional boundaries. These silos can prevent institutions from working together, learning from one another, and creating innovative, evidence-based practices to support student success. The Kessler Scholars Collaborative seeks a different way forward.

We know that when individuals and organizations commit to sharing resources and expertise to achieve a common goal, amazing things can happen. Our partner institutions are building a network of first-generation student programs and creating a system of support that is bigger and more powerful than what a single college or university can provide on its own.

National Kessler Scholars Network

An initiative of the Judy and Fred Wilpon Family Foundation, the Kessler Scholars Collaborative formed in 2020 representing the six diverse colleges and universities featured below. In 2022, 10 new colleges and universities will join the Kessler Scholars Collaborative in a partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies and the American Talent Initiative.